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Thread: A NEW DIRECTION FOR ME - Readers Cast

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    Default A NEW DIRECTION FOR ME - Readers Cast


    As an official senior citizen now, I've had to make several changes to my lifestyle recently, that kind of caught me ill equipped and unready. In my more robust younger years it meant nothing to me to hike 10 miles or so through the woods in search of deer or climbing 2000 feet in elevation in the Blue Mountains of Washington State in the quest of elk.

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    Joe, I'm right there with you. Some things you can't fight. The better outcome is achieved by accepting and then choosing your battles.


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    I made the transition some years ago after my 4th heart attack, major surgeries and stern warnings from the guy in the white smock. I will admit at first I was actually depressed. But I eventually took a different tack and approached (as best I could) from a "What I can do" attitude, rather than the "What I can't do" frame of reference I had taken. I have come to enjoy the slower, less physical and somewhat more serene aspects of fishing and my life now. It is not better, nor is it worse. It is just different. And if I continue to come up with more things I can do, I may just be able to keep this pace up for a very long time.

    Nice article - thanks,
    in far west Kentucky

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    I've joined thi9s group also. I can still do most things I did before, but I do them at a much slower pace so I don't run out of gas. Since I retired in 2010, I've had major abdominal surgery in 2011 and survived lung cancer in 2013. Slowing down is not all that bad, now I get to see and enjoy the great outdoors more and fish slower. Bluegills on a 2/3 wt. are a blast. Slow down and smell the great outdoors! Take care, John.

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