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Thread: New Zealand rivers - going, going, soon gone

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    Those flyfishers in the good old USA and elsewhere who cherish a vision of New Zealand trout streams as clear, sylvan waterways can forget it, unless they have very deep pockets and can work the luxury lodge circuit. <br><br>Down under we are facing a mammoth water quality crisis as the government seeks to double dairy farm production at all costs. There are now more dairy cows (6.7 million) than people (4 million) in New Zealand and the waste the animals produce is not properly managed. Much of it leaches into waterways.<br><br>Check out the website of New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers Inc (<a href=""></a>) for an illuminating article by freshwater scientist&nbsp; Dr Mike Joy, showing how<br>dirty dairying is killing our rivers. It appears under the August 2014 "monthly archives". Naturally, the government is not happy with Dr Joy for speaking the truth. <br><br>If the article is too time-consuming, just Google "Dirty dairying New Zealand" and see what you find.<br><br type="_moz">
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