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Wow - I recently got a book for my Kindle about fly fishing New Zealand. It was interesting, but given my age and condition I will never fish there. It is sad when a society has one priority that overruns all the rest. Sort of like the devastation of the rain forests to provide farming land. Some times we humans are very shortsighted when it comes to our enviornment.
Thanks for offering your thoughts, Clint. Maybe the picture right now is not too bad in NZ, we have quite good fishing still, but we are on a downward spiral, for sure and it is the long term prospects, based on current government policies, which offer major threats. There is also a drought affecting the entire country at the moment (we're a small nation).

A book of historical interest on NZ fishing I can recommend is "Maui and Me", by Temple Sutherland. It was written in the1960s and tells of an angler's road trip across NZ, sea and river fishing all the way. He also interweaves history about the NZ native people (the Maori).

Used copies are on the ABE books website from US dealers. Sutherland was born in Scotland and from the way he writes, I can see the Scots valued education - it's a good read.

Best wishes.