I have been playing around with tying fancy bass flies from the book Forgotten Flies. The pattern I have been working on this week is the Tomah Joe and I'm having a really hard time getting the woodduck feather wings to sit upright since the shape of the stem makes them twist as you tie them down. Any advice on how to get the feather stems to sit flat on top of the hook shank?

This is not the wet fly Tomah Joe with barred woodduck slip wings, this one is being tied on a big size 6 blind-eye salmon hook so the wings are actually a matched pair of woodduck wings.

I'm going to try and get my camera setup to post some photos of the flies as I complete them. So far I have tied:

Parmacheene Belle
New Lake
Tomah Joe (working)

Also, several featherwing streamers.

Thanks in advance,