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Thread: It ain't a fish but it ain't bad!

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    Default It ain't a fish but it ain't bad!

    A lot of the water in South Dakota is getting a little too "hard" for flyfishing so spent the past weekend chasing some deer around. Here is my buck. Not a real "wallhanger" but a nice Eastern South Dakota whitetail. Where I hunt, if you see one with a spread wider than his ears you better think about taking him. This one went about 20.5 inches inside and a bit over 23 inches outside. If he'd have been just a couple inches taller I'd be having a taxidermy bill. As he is, I'll just do a European mount. They look good with a nice wide rack like this one.

    This magnificent animal will provide a great many fine meals for my wife and me and each time we share that meal I will thank my creator for allowing me to share in the wonder he has created. I'll hang those antlers in my woodworking shop. Not so much as a "trophy" but as a regular reminder of how blessed I am to have friends and family with whom to share the hunt and the wonder of nature and all that my God has given us!
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