Yes, I own, use and love my Frontier 12 and would recommend that you find a dealer close to you so you could demo one. I would recommend that you go to and then go to their Forum. There is a ton of info on the Forum and it has a section on "Rigging" that is loaded with some great rigging ideas and pictures. I have responded to your PM on here. Here is just one picture of my Frontier 12 showing the alum. seat bases I had made up for me plus my anchor system. There is an anchor at the front and one on the rear and I can raise and lower them from where I am seated. The extra anchor rope is inside the retractable clothes line rope "thingies" that you see in the picture. They keep the anchor rope up off the floor and out of the way. How they are set up and used in shown on the NuCanoe Forum under "rigging". They are easy to create and are really neat. You can shoot me an e-mail by clicking on the link to me on the NuCanoe web site. There is also a video of me using my Frontier on the Duck River here where I live. I am not on the payroll, I am just a happy customer and love to answer anyone's questions and help out when needed, so, Blake, the owner, put a usable link to me on their web site.