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Thread: NuCanoe?

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    Default NuCanoe?

    Anyone using a NuCanoe Frontier? Pros? Cons? Pictures of your setup? I had a Native Ultimate 12 once and didn't like fishing from it cause it was too low to the water. Was considering a Jackson Cuda 12 until I saw the NuCanoe Frontier 12. Curious about owner's thoughts.


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    Shoot Warren Patterson a PM. He has one and loves it!!

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    I am not the expert on Nucanoe that WarrenP is, but I have a 10 ft. Frontier, which I have had for about a year or a little more. I sold a 14 ft. jon boat to buy the Nucanoe, because the jon boat was a hassle for me to get from the back of my house to my pickup. I am realist enough to know in my late 60's I am not apt to get stronger or more agile, so I wanted a craft easily handled that I would drown myself in. It is a very stable craft for its size. I also wanted the ability to fish upstream in the Chattahoochee River which is my local trout water, as well as local lakes. It travels well in the back of my Ford Ranger, protruding a couple of feet beyond the tail gate. Not being a previous user of plastic boats, I have taken a little get used to using it. I have so far only travelled a half mile or so upstream on the Hooch because a small waterfall at that point. It is very customizable to your needs or desires. I cannot compare it to other crafts, because I haven't used them. It would be excellent for a lot of the state park and game & fish lakes, oxbow in Mississippi and some of the stream in south Mississippi. I would love to get on Black Creek down around Brooklyn (south of Camp Shelby) or Red Creek around Perkinston or the Bogue Chitto or the Okatubba around Collins. I can see easing along the lilypads of the Natchez Trace in Ross Barnett. I like mine.

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    Man yeah...how bout them Dawgs! Scary game yesterday against UK...they have a great quarterback and our defense appeared to have stayed on the bus in the first half. Hope Mullen got a little wake up call before heading to Tuscaloosa! Hail State!

    Thanks for the input on the NuCanoe. My oldest son is wanting a kayak for christmas so he will have is own boat, so I am looking for a kayak type boat that I can easily put two seats in for me and my youngest son who is 6. The NuCanoe seems to fit that bill. I can imagine all kinds of different setups for different outings. By myself, with my oldest, with my oldest in his boat and me and my youngest in the new canoe, etc. Seems like a really versatile rig. I have a 5x10 flat bed trailer that I am going to convert to carry the kayaks and all our gear without having to lift it to the top of the car.

    Hopefully WarrenP will chime in with some additional info, but thanks Uncle Jesse...your input is always welcome. I need to get over to north georgia and lets go trout fishing.

    Thanks again...

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    Yes, I own, use and love my Frontier 12 and would recommend that you find a dealer close to you so you could demo one. I would recommend that you go to NuCanoe.com and then go to their Forum. There is a ton of info on the Forum and it has a section on "Rigging" that is loaded with some great rigging ideas and pictures. I have responded to your PM on here. Here is just one picture of my Frontier 12 showing the alum. seat bases I had made up for me plus my anchor system. There is an anchor at the front and one on the rear and I can raise and lower them from where I am seated. The extra anchor rope is inside the retractable clothes line rope "thingies" that you see in the picture. They keep the anchor rope up off the floor and out of the way. How they are set up and used in shown on the NuCanoe Forum under "rigging". They are easy to create and are really neat. You can shoot me an e-mail by clicking on the link to me on the NuCanoe web site. There is also a video of me using my Frontier on the Duck River here where I live. I am not on the payroll, I am just a happy customer and love to answer anyone's questions and help out when needed, so, Blake, the owner, put a usable link to me on their web site.

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    What Warren said.............
    Love the Frontier 12....


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    So, does anyone have experience with this boat AND a Ride 115? I'm now considering both boats. I like the Ride 155X model with the center console that is designed to hold a depth finder. And more than likely, I will use the boat solo way more than with a second angler. Just curious how the boats compare in portability, paddleing, speed (although this is the very bottom of my list), fishability, etc.

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    My best friend has a Nu Canoe. I helped him pick it up, and we've gone out in it a few times. For just fishing, it is a good platform, but they are a handful in fast water...slow and un-manueverable...a lot like a raft. You can, of course, put a motor on them, if you like, and just stay in lakes, and slow water (but how much fun is that????). On the good side, if you can manage to hang on and stay in the boat, they are pretty much unsinkable, and uniflippable. The only way to turn one over is on purpose, and that takes a lot of work. They bounce off of rocks with no trouble at all. I guess you could knock a hole in one, but so far, my friend had been unable to accomplish this, despite numerous white-water episodes. Personally....I'll stick with my kayaks.

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    My new ride. Literally. A new 2013 model Ride 115 that I picked up at Dick's today. I really wanted the new Ride 115X Max but this one ended up being less than half the cost of that boat, new, and locally available. It was significantly less money and I just could not pass it up. Gonna be a great boat. Seat is really comfortable. Looking forward to getting it in the water.
    WS Ride 115.jpg
    Sorry the image is rotated. Not sure what happened. I'll try to get some better pics.
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    I know I'm a little late on this thread, but just wanted to say that I have been fly fishing from kayaks for many years and have owned many brands. I have been fly fishing from the NuCanoe Frontier and now the NuCanoe Pursuit for the past couple of years and they are (by far) the best kayaks for fly fishing. Great fly-fishing platforms!


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