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    Default 2015 Swap of the Month Signup

    The SOTM is a tradition at FAOL. I think I'm the senior surviving member so I will offer to organize the swap for 2015.

    There are twelve slots open. One person hosts each month and they are the swapmeister. They pick the theme and handle the mailing. Flies are sent to the host each month who sorts the flies and redistributes them to all the participants. The swap begins in January and lasts all year. So to join you are committing to twelve fly swaps.

    A US participant usually acts as "mail person" for our Canadian and European friends so do not hesitate to join because of geography.

    We are very tolerant of delivery delays. If you absolutely must have your flies on a rigid set schedule then you may not enjoy our lacsidasical attitude. In is 10/4 and I just mailed the August flies. The last set for August arrive last week. They all show up... eventually.

    Now, having sad this... You will not find a nicer group of people who will become you friends during the next year. Many of us have participated for years. But, new participants are always welcome. And the flies are all pretty good too.


    1. Bill Houk
    2. Rick Z
    3. Gmac209
    4. Sjo
    5. Ibrb
    6. Icemanxxxv
    7. Paddy80701
    8. Captain Mortis
    9. Gigmaster - withdrawn
    9. Mosca - MIA
    10. Jwb1977
    11. Shortbus - MIA
    12. Luke McLeod
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