I was going to post this in the "THINGS WANTED" section but thought it might be better here. Moderators, please move if you feel necessary.

Our Game & Fish dept. has a nice collection of fly rods and reels that are used for casting classes, kids' fishing days, etc. There are also a couple of events where our Trout Unlimited chapter uses these rods and reels. One is a "Women's Try-It Day" and the other is called "The Outdoor University". These are well attended events and these outfits get a lot of use in a year's time.

As you might expect, over time, the lines on these outfits take a lot of abuse and get to be in pretty bad condition. Our Trout Unlimited chapter has decided to take on the project of getting these rods and reels into a little bit better working condition. We are in need of some old fly lines that might have a little bit of life left in them. If you find yourself changing out a fly line in the near future but think the old line might still be usable for our purposes, we'd love to take it off your hands. We don't really have the resources to pay you for your old line but, if need be, I could reimburse you for the cost of mailing it to me. We feel this is a worthwhile project as these rods are used to introduce a lot of people to our sport and will be a great PR project for our TU chapter.

Most of the rods we will be working on are 5 wt. and 6 wt. outfits with a few 4 wts. thrown in as well. If you can help us out, please fire me a PM and we'll make the arrangements. Let me emphasize, these need not be great lines. Anything with just a bit more use left in it. It would also be helpful if you could mark the line weight and either the "reel end" or "leader end" using apiece of tape. THANKS!!!