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Thread: FLY FISHING'S FINAL FRONTIER - Book Review - Feb 24, 2014

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    David -- I came up with this from the publisher's Web site. Their blurb of the book includes the following: "Geoff Bernardo?s book is the first of its kind; an enthusiastic and respectful look at fly-fishing techniques and fly patterns for the challenging fish some anglers scoff at - carp, pike, inconnu, stripers, bass, etc. "

    Frankly, it neither sounds like what I expected nor what I hoped for. I was thinking more in terms of rough fish, such species as are covered in the excellent book Fishing for Buffalo, although that book includes fly fishing only incidentally.

    I consider the publisher's representation that Fly Fishing the Final Frontier ​is "Coffee Table Quality" to be a warning that it may be full of pretty pictures but maybe not a very enlightening text; All hat and no cattle, in other words. But we should perhaps not pre-judge. Given the price, I may never know.

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