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    I am a "newbee" to building your own fly rod. I am a disabled Vet and I am in the "Healing Water" program at the VA hospital in Murfreesboro Tennessee, which teaches us basics on how to tie fly's, how to cast a rod and they takes us on local fishing trips a few times a year. This Is my second year with them, I started February of last year. This year they are tell us old students, some one who has been In the program one year or more, that they will be building their own fly rod. We can only tell them the wt of the rod we would like to build. They will be getting all the parts we will need to make a fly rod and I have chosen to build a 3wt rod. For someone who has just learned which end of a fly rod you hold to fish with, THANK YOU WARREN, I am very nerves about the whole process. I have read a lot of info here at FAOL about building a rod, but a lot of the terms that are used when your describing your build have me lost, but I am learning. They, Healing Waters, will have us work on the rod twice a month for two hours per meeting day until we are finished. We are to start on the first meeting in March, but the finishing date I am not sure when that will be. How long does it take to build a fly rod? I would like to use this thread for people like me, to ask questions as I am building my rod, to help me along. I know that someone at the Healing Waters class will be helping us but I also know that all my questions may not get answered. So I am asking for help, if you will allow it, when I begin the class next month and have questions, if I can ask them on this thread?
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