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    Question New for me

    This is not the season for fishing in New England so I'm experimenting. I've tied an assortment of streamers using just one bunch of Congo Hair in an off-white color as a single bundle surrounding the hook shank, tied it off and then added various colors of waterproof markers for belly and back shading, gills, lateral lines, mackerel stripes or bleeding etc. With no immediate plans to try them I wonder if I'm wasting my time. Maybe others have played with this ultra-minimalist technique. ?????

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    For sure I have used the technique and yes it works.

    Somehow though I always feel better if I use material instead of a waterproof marker to gain the same effect followed by three strands of crystal flash and or flash-a-boo and always try to work in peacock hurl. It makes me feel better like I have created a masterpiece worthy of tricking a fish. As a fly tier I have to think about the esteem of the fish; it's one thing to be caught but why and insult to injury. Try a little harder make them feel like it could have happen to anyone of them.

    Seriously yes and I like to use one material and use different techniques tying in that material. Favorite material is rabbit strips, then buck tail for streamers that is.
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    I like simple flies. This works really well.

    I do a very similar tie for bass, pike, and trout that I use in a clear water lake in Colorado. All three seem to want the same type of fly/presentation, but different colors. Works quite well, and you can easily adapt the colors to what's working. I carry a dozen of the flies, and with the markers in the boat I can change/modify as needed.

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    Interesting, I use Congo hair a lot, substitute it for bucktail iin many patterns and tie a high tie style Baitfish pattern chartreuse over white with flash. I will have to try tying an all white high tie baifish pattern and color with markers.


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