The cold water was a welcome feeling on my legs as I eased my way out into the current. With nearly a month gone-by since I had last held a rod it was a long overdue sensation as well as a much needed bit therapy. The recent weeks had brought with it many obstacles, from the stresses of life and its ailments to the annual archery season; the result was my fly rods had been collecting dust. But life's ailments were easing a bit and I had a fat doe in the freezer compliments of the local oak ridges, so it was time. Having rigged at the truck for the walk into the stream I was ready to go. In my hand was my Far-and-Fine, lined with a 5-weight double-taper line, 5 foot furled mono leader and 4 foot of 5x fluorocarbon tippet. My fly of choice was a size 14 Squirrels Nest. All that remained was my indicator, of which I chose a yellow ?" Thing-a-ma-bobber and looped it into my leader just above the tippet ring. A quick glance upstream and my roll-cast flipped the rig to the head of the riffle.