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    Hi Folks...Yep, been a while, but there has been a lot happen since you've seen me around. Yes, it's me, Flats Dude (the real one from central Florida). Hopefully I can sit myself down and get back to some writing. I know, I may have to re-introduce myself, and I told Ladyfisher a year or so ago, that I would try to get "re-spirited" and sit down at the keyboard again.There has been a lot of water passed under this old bridge of mine (and I'm not looking for any sympathy here, ain't my style). A loss of job, loss of the Lake behind the House, yes, we lost our home we built. Retirement, kinda. Managing a fly shop in Orlando and Titusville, opening a fly shop within Travel Country in Altamonte Springs, Florida, a near-death experience when my gall bladder exploded damned near killin' me. Linda developing breast cancer (she's all better now). And finally getting back on our feet and buying a new home. I will be back, with pen in hand (or keyboard) and hopefully spit out a "Hey, y'all!" I am actually mentally writing a new article about this guy I know. His name is Nick. And as Dave Micus once penned, "I want to be just like Nick." So, now that I have stirred the ol' pot, I reckon I better be gettin' to it...Looking forward to reuniting with a few of my old buddies in here, and meeting a few new ones. Thanks..."THE" Flats Dude, Capt. Gary L. Henderson. ps...and Dee, if you're reading this, can I please have my seat back at the table, and my old account name? Jist cain't be no imposters in here! hehehe
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    "When we stop chasing thunderbirds, what else is there?"
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