Four weeks ago I was driving through Colorado and went to Estes Park. As I entered the park I was right below the lake and the dam. There was a flyfisherman swinging some flies so I stopped and chatted with him a couple of hours. He shared loads of information for which I was grateful. I walked about 1/2 mile downstream and saw fish periodically. I am going back to Colorado in a couple of weeks. I will have a day or two off. Estes park is about 80 minutes from where I am staying. Here's my question: are there still fish below the dam? After the incredible flooding (I missed it by 5 days) I am thinking everything got washed down. Is there anyone who can share by experience whether or not the fish are still there?

I'm not set on just going to Estes Park. I'll be staying in Denver. If there is decent fishing water that is fairly close (within 1.5 hours) of Denver that is wade-able I'd be glad to fish it.

Any help would be welcome. Not looking for honey holes or secret spots.

Thank you,