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    Boulder published rain totals yesterday, over 20" of rain fell on the City of Boulde in a 5 day period. Surrounding counties in the Front Range also got 8"-10. The scale and scope of the disaster is hard to believe. There are entire towns that may not have vehicle access until next spring.

    The town of Lyons got hit very hard. The fishing community might be familiar with this place name, it is the home town of author John Gereich, fly tying master A.K. Best and bamboo rod builder Mike Clark. All roads and highways into town were wiped out, no access other than by foot or helicopter. They are still evacuating folks via chinook helicopter and horse back. At last count 108 of the 499 homes in Lyons are destroyed, another 49 heavily damaged. The towns water treatment plant, sewage plant and only grocery store were also lost to the floods. No food, water, electricity or toilets in a town of over 5000 persons.
    091213_colorado_flooding_168-L.jpg This is whats left of hwy 7 entering Lyons from the Boulder.
    236346272_a3ece60adc_z.jpg Here is the St Vrain river showing the normal flow in September. Same location, but viwed from the other direction.

    Keep us in your prayers. 4 days later this wall of water is still wiping out bits of Colorado as it flows downsteam.
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