Got out from work, and went to a nearby creek that is loaded with Green Sunfish. It was windier than heck out there (honestly, "calm" days are rare here), so I was using my 8wt, with a foam hopper and a Scud about 6" below the hopper.

I caught lots of fish. Aggressive little buggers! Here's my first:

I knew this would happen sooner or later, and is the main reason why I don't really like to use a strike indicator. I prefer a floating fly, as you never know when an aggressive fish will take what's on top.

I also managed to see a White Koi swimming around in this pool. I saw a white one and an orange one in the pool downstream last year. The pools are separated by about 100' of rip-rap that creates a large French Drain. I'm wondering if someone caught the white one and moved it to the upper pool?