Been trying to juggle rod orders and office build along with yard work and other things, could use about 10 more hours in each day it seems, but have got some more done on the office/tank this week. It's really starting to look like something now.

The wall around the aquarium is now done and just have some more detail work to do to it now (such as adding more foliage, moss, vines to give it a very realistic look). Just have to build in a door next to it now and then continue the rock wall over the door so it is not a visible doorway.

I picked up a desk and cabinet over the weekend for $35. They were two separate pieces but I removed a couple parts, leveled them out and screwed them together so it is now one 6'6" wide unit. The wood color as well as the top were a perfect match for the floor/wood in the office. Couldn't have lucked out any better by finding this for so cheap. I also snagged the grey office chair today off Craigslist for only $20

Still have a bit more trim/detail work to do on the stairs but the stairway&stairs are now cleaned, painted and green carpeted runner installed on the stairs.

My grandfathers end table I refinished

I also started on the ceiling. Decided to go with 1 x 4 wood planks and stain them in Red Oak color stain then coated with Min wax spar varnish. These are two of the planks drying.