I just had a rather unsettling experience with a popular brand of Epoxy setting up way way faster than advertised.
It was a newly purchased (double barrel) two part, 2-ton type with a thirty minute rate of working time.
Room temperature was 70 degrees, and I mixed one-third total ounce (both parts)for 20 seconds. Within ten minutes I was ready to glue. I was shocked to find the mixture already getting hot and turning over.

Does anyone know what went wrong? I am sure of both my mixing time, and lapsed time getting the reel seat cleaned before glueing.

Does this stuff have a shelf life? And, does
this sound like what old epoxy would do.

The amounts mixed (resin & hardener) had to be quite equal, as the double barrel dispenser has a single common syringe plunger.
I have never had this happen before, and didn't know whether or not it is common.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you
folks with much more experience than I, can
give me.

Sincerely, Panfan