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Thread: Guide spacing on 10.5 ft rod

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    Default Guide spacing on 10.5 ft rod

    Do you use the same spacing as for a 10 ft rod?

    I find several sources that go to 10 ft but nothing longer than that.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Rick--if you've got the extra 10 minutes, I highly recommend doing a static deflection test to determine guide spacing on EVERY rod, regardless of length. There's a very concise and informative article in the Library section of [url=http://www.rodbuilding.org:40b0f]www.rodbuilding.org[/url:40b0f] if you need a reference. Seriously...it's not something to fear (it's not ridiculously complicated) and the difference might really surprise you in castability and fishability!

    All the best!


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    Geeze, Rick? You taking up pole vaulting? Sounds like a classic 2 wt. What fun! JGW

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    You wouldn't get into a heck of a lot of trouble if you used the same guide spacing as for a 10 foot rod but the stripper guide would be 6 inches further away from you than is necessary. If you are 7 feet tall it wouldn't matter much.

    If you will send me the distances tip top to each ferrule and tip top to where you want the stripper guide, I'll work out what I think would be ideal. I need also to know if its a "fast" "moderate" or "slow action...and if it has tip over butt or internal ferrules.
    if its an internal ferrule model, I'd also need the distances to the top of the gap, and the bottom of the gap on all ferrules. All measurements to be made when the blanks are assembled. This can take me a little while so don't expect instant results.

    Ol' Bill

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