Hey all, reintroduction? Name is Blaine and used to be on FAOL forum/chat all the time in my days as a college student sitting at my desk with my homework covered in feather trimmings, hair, dubbing, and dozens of miscellaneous flies created to target the elusive coastal steelhead. Anyhow I have since graduated from HSU and moved to the town of Weaverville along the Trinity River. Anyhow I?m still a fishing nut and am looking for a new vice?. I think? Currently I?m using a regal knock off that I bought off eBay ten years ago for about $35. It holds hooks down to size 18 or so. I want to know the advantages to rotary vices, and if they are worth it. I would classify myself as a pretty good fly tier but not an expert by any means. Most of the flies I tie are nymphs but dries occasionally. Anyhow what are your thoughts/recommendations?