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    Default Above all things don't swear

    I am reading about Dr James Henshall and tying some classic bass flies. I was intrigued by the article in the autumn 2012 issue of Flyfisher, Tying and Fishing Dr.Henshall's Favorite Flies by Terry and Roxanne Wilson. I came across this quote in his book, Book of theBlack Bass - 1881,

    "Should you cast your fly into a branch of a tree overhead, or into a bush behind you, or miss your fish striking, or lose him when hooked, or crack off your tail-fly, or slip into a hole up to your armpits - keep your temper; above all things don't swear, for he that swears will catch no fish. Remember, yours is the gentle art, and a fly-fisher should be a gentleman."

    Apparently, I am doomed to "catch no fish"...
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