Hi Dave!

Seach youtube, you can find alot of info. I fish a shooting head on my 6wt...its about 240grains and sinks like a stone. just a heads up....If the water is not fast enought, one just snags the bottom on every cast. fishing a clouser off a floating line and casting a shooting head, are totally different. Kelly Gallop used to tie all his patterns without any wight, becaused he used shooting heads, and full sink or sink tip lines. Its great for Saylorville (spillway) though- that water has a crazy high CFS! Good luck and remember typically shooting heads are fished one/ two line sizes up. the shooting line is very important. I personally use the Rio powerflex core shooting line. Alot of people have moved over to the "fly line" type of running lines. I have tried the mono and its not for me, however some people love it. as for the poly leaders- well, unless you were fishing a floater, you would not need them. I have no need for a floating shooting head, it would not change my ability to cast long, and I already have floating lines.

If you really want to fish the spillway more effectivly you owe it too yourself to look at a switch or spay/skagit rod. talk about easy to cast long, while fishing heavy tips, oh and the mending is blissful. I have a 12+footer that is magic- espically with that steep banks near the spillway! good luck