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    Quote Originally Posted by Byron haugh View Post
    I like the fly a lot. At one time you couldn't afford beads. Now you tie on a LAW vise...................great progress
    Yes Byron, times change... thankfully.

    Over the years I now have 4 high quality vises that I like to tie on from time-to-time. Two of these I got really good deals on and just couldn't pass them up. Some people don't think anything of spending $500-700+ on a high end fly rod of which they may already have several, but wouldn't think of spending near that kind of money on one high end vise? To each their own, for some tying is not a priority.

    Back then I was just starting out (fly fishing and tying) and needed everything from fly fishing gear to fly tying tools and materials. So I had to cut a few corners. Necessity is the mother of invention...right? I liked these wire heads so much for my local creeks here in NY that I've stuck with them for all these years for my scuds and smaller nymphs. Also, being a fly tier for the shop gets me my gear and materials at a very good price.... (thanks Richard)

    I'm glad I got my LAW vise when I did, ya can't get 'em anymore! ... I don't use it much these days, but I do enjoy it when the spirit moves me.

    Byron, both you and I like our "vises", don't we? We all need to have a good "vise" or two... I'm just glad mine is not a "vice" like drinking, smoking, etc. That would cost even more!
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