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Thread: Would you care to donate some flies to a Reel Recovery Outing?

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    Default Would you care to donate some flies to a Reel Recovery Outing?

    I volunteer for Reel Recovery in Arkansas. We have an upcoming outing in October and could use some flies. If you don't know what Reel Recovery is, click the links. We are short some flies and I thought I would see if any of you would like to donate. The flies would be used for a Reel Recovery Outing in Arkansas on the White and/or Norfork rivers. Any flies not used there, would be passed along to future Reel Recovery outings around the country.

    I did this on FAOL in 2010 and had a outstanding response. I got 700+ flies. Those flies were definitely used at the retreat and then forwarded on to other retreats. When we had the 2011 Arkansas retreat, some of the flies made it back around again.

    Most of our fishing this time of year is nymphs etc. There may be a little dry fly fishing with a few midge hatches. Flies needed are:
    midges 16-22
    soft hackles 14-18
    woolly buggers 6-12
    scuds 14-20
    sowbugs 14-18
    PT's/copper johns/hares ear and variations 14-18
    Some Fox Squirrel nymphs would be nice as well 14-18

    Other Trout patterns are of course welcome.

    If anyone has a small fly box that they would like to send along, that would be great as well. We setup small day boxes last year with fly selections and that worked well.

    This is a great charity and the flies would be used by some great guys in need of a break from their battle with cancer.

    PM or email me if you are interested and I'll return the message with my mailing address. I would need them in my hands by October 8th.

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