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Thread: Question on Abel flyreels namely the super series 3n

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    I got up this morning checked eBay and found quite a bit of Abel.super 2 and super 4's in California.Problem with the super 4 is its 5.6 oz verses 4.6 for the newer 4n.I might look toward the super 2 for my four weights.
    The Super 4 will work on a 9' 4 wt and you'll balance fine. I use one on my 9' 5 wt. but it also balances my 4 wt's. I use Super 4N's on my 9' 4 wt.s. IMO the diameter on the Super 2 is too small paired with the wider spool but YMMV.

    All the new Abel reels have outgoing click. My Big Game 0 and Big Game pt.5 are both silent outgoing but as has been stated above, it's not possible for incoming click to be silenced because of the teeth used to click into the drag plate.

    The Super 4 is a fine reel and one that would be a great addition. My buddy uses one on his 8 1/2 ft. 4 wt. Winston Biix.
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