anyone covering the pitt,fallriver,baum lake,hatcreek or the mc cloud river.
just a quick note. lewiston lake fishes great when the lwr sac (winter low flows) gets blown out by rain and added bonus is you can fish all the way through winter or at least it was when i was there.
it's worth the drive. dress accordingly remember the higher elevations aren't a forgiving element during winter or early spring. hail storm squalls. fish the salmon ,steelhead run or fish for trout. the best of all worlds. check you reg book for up to date compliance. anyone from around there can use this info for there year round fix.
see charles meck book for more info on cal flywaters aka (the fat book) you'll like it. excellent source for general info. and no i don't benefit from any of this handed out recommendations you'll just have to trust me. this is for reference only. i lived there 9 yrs of my life. the redding fly shop on i 5 can help you with your needs. there is also a small general store located at the casselman (ditch) campground area. baum lake. they have up to the minute fishing info. by now thay surely have added some other shops in that area. check the town of burney located between casselman and redding. avoid the crowds. all the waters i mentioned. are within range of each other. some closer than others. you'll have to do the research. enjoy!