Any chance you'd be interested in another high quality wf6f, as line?writing at tip SA HS HPX WF 6F, GREEN LINE WITH TAN RUNNING LINE loops at both ends. bobbydneuman@gmail.Com thanks bobby.
I talked with a guy that uses "shark" line, and he claims it is so rough in texture that he has worn blisters in his hands casting. I have used SA textured. WF8F line and liked it very much, I could cast big bass flies 100 feet with no trouble, but I hear you have to be careful with shark line? Any truth to that. The line I have has never been cast it's on my reel, just haven't had the chance to get to the grand river in ohio, for big (20 in.) Smallmouth, but I'm happy with 15 inchers, but love when a 20 or 21 in. Smally, takes it cheers