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Thread: Power Pro Braided Spectra

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    Default Power Pro Braided Spectra

    I was browsing through Bass Pro Shop and saw this product. Has anyone tried furling with this? If so how did it go? The diameter is so small for the strenghth, but where it is braided not sure as to how it would work. I actually first saw at Wal Mart and it is some very interesting line for sure. The 5lb test line has a diameter of .125mm.



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    I have tried it. It will furl just fine. The only warning I will give you is that you can easily exceed the breaking strength of the fly line if you are not careful with any of the the super lines. Also, there will be no(or almost no) stretch with thes products. If you furl the heavier pound test braids, they make great tow straps for your pickup also...

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    I have used the material but found that when un-furling the two sections together there is no tension in the finished leader that would maintain the furl. The reason is that the material does not stretch at all. The answer to this problem is to include a single length of mono into each section when furling them. The mono diameter needs to be tested. I found 3x works well for 10lb Power Pro. 5x is ok for 3lb Power Pro. The biggest advantage for me is that Power Pro is floating (as long as it is clean).

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    Cant's say how it would perform for furled leaders, but I use it on my spinning rods and it is the best braided line out there in my opinion.

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    I also have it on my spinning rods....which do not get much use.....but I like it as well. Wondering if I could furl a bass leader With Power Pro to throw those big wind resistant spun deer hair frogs......
    Anyone with a good furled bass big frog leader pls inform me....tks

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    I recently made some extra long furled 'leaders' (16') for use as a tenkara line.
    I used Spiderwire Stealth Braid 8 lb. A similar braided spectra by another manufacture.

    I made a 2 ply tapered leader with 3-5-7 loops in each strand.

    I have only fished them a few times but I am happy with the results.
    They still have some stretch but much less than a similar line made of UNI thread.
    I treated them with a water repellent Scotch Guard spray after fabrication.
    I fish them dry, no floatant needed. They don't seem to pick up as much water.

    I previously tried to make some out of 4lb test. Very hard to work with, easy to tangle.
    The 8lb worked well for my application, for a trout leader I might try 6lb

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