Wondering if there could be a forum for switch rods, two handed rods, and spey rods? I think there would be enough interest. Check furling board ....think it said 800+ posts and the Tenkara only 600+ posts.

But the "Saltwater" board over 8,000 posts! Saltwater indicates bigger rods....which could include spey rods. But it isn't just a Spey rod board.

I would really like to see a Spey bulletin board. With all the questions about rod size (spey 2-3 line ratings more than equivalent number in a single hand rod), Skagit heads, Scandi heads, cheater tips, which rod for which species....full long belly spey lines, backing capacity, which reels have the capacity, etc.

Wonder how many out there in the FAOL community would also be interested in such a forum?