the unfortunate one [me]
i believe i have a very legitamate grievance, and really don't know where to turn to''
i am writing over a forum i recently read about rod warrantees, i know i am not the smartest guy around, i wish i could have this posted where everyone that shops from thomas and thomas would be able to read it before they buy a rod from t&t, or even sent to the ceo or president of thomas and thomas rods.
maybe 10 or 12 years ago i paid over $500 for t&ts, SLT series rod, very beautiful 4 piece, 91\2 ft, 8 wt rod, very beautiful, each section of the rod had a serial number on it, i adored this rod i was the best advocate for t&t if they only knew, every fly fisherman i came in contact with i praised my rod how much better t&t was than sage, or any other rod maker.
then several years ago a disaster and my rod got broken, i figured well ,i had sent my warrantee in, i know it had been at this time about 8 years,, and i no longer had the warrantee information, but i had paid about $520 quite a bit of money in i think 1998 or 99, so i should at least get my rod repaired at cost if not for free, i sent the rod in a tube to the company, well, i waited and waited i really thought that a company like thomas and thomas would at least write me back with some offer or explain my options. after 3 or 4 months of waiting i looked up thier email address and wrote them another letter, at least now they sent me an e mail. to my disappointment they informed me they no longer made the SLT series, and they were willing to sell me a comperable 8wt rod with a 40% discount, not a mention of my warranteee and what it included, i had sent the warrantee card in as soon as i bought the rod'
neeedless to say i amvery upset with such a greedy company as thomas and thomas. at the very least they should have made repairs at cost, even with a 40% discount they are making a big profit what percentage do you think a dealer gets the rods for, and or the saalesman.. they are only about big buisnessn do not care at all about the little man, just the profits. i wish i knew a way to show the fly fishing public what this company is really about. i'd love to post this letter in fly fisherman mag the page next to thier advertisement ha ha, maybe one of you readers knows something i could do or someone from PR at t&t.
i probrbly wouldn't be so up set if i were still able to work, and made the money i used to but i am on a very strict fixed income, to buy a new rod like that one even at 40% off i may as well buy a new cadilac...well if nothing else it felt good to get this off my chest and who knows some one may be able to post this in the right place...thanx for listeninh