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Thread: rod warrantees? reputable companies

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    Default rod warrantee satisfaction

    [i thought it was slt, actually it was SL 968 travler,apparently it had an extended shelf life that the dealer neglected to tell me about, i was led to believe that it was under warrantee because i bought it in mid 90s, must have had a 10 year shelf life after 1988 all premium rods were covered , i bought it in 96 or 97, so i couldn't understand why there was a problem. anyway to make a long story short they did come through for me, thier general manager is a great guy and bent over backwards to help me, i reccommend t&t to everyone great company. they replaced the rod with a brand new one HE1008S-4, a 10 ft 8 wt and i absolutely love it, i will always look at t&t before any other company, and believe me i have endorsed thier rods can't say enough good about T&T thanx bobby

    QUOTE=steck;441162]I don't recall Thomas and Thomas ever marketing a rod called SLT. Their lineup in the 90s consisted of Horizons in three varieties, the LPS, and Paradigms. I have many, many T&T rods and have used their warranty service on a couple of occasions and they always came through. Slow, but they honored their warranty. Having visited the plant, they are very, very small. We aren't talking SAGE, or even Scott. TINY. It is amazing that they are able to still be in business in the day and age when most companies are contracting their blanks off shore. Trevor Bross is the person to ask for. Good luck.[/QUOTE]
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