I ask the question because at the beginning of the year, I was looking at my fly fishing stuff and well, it was reminiscent of tournament bass tackle. I do that too and understand the "need" for a dozen rods on deck, hundreds of pounds of lures and so on. I fly fish for fun, period. I am a bass fisherman because I get paid to do so. I guide and fish some of the regional tourneys but over the course of time, it became more work than fun. I will not let that happen to the long rods as well.

So anyway, looking at 20 or so fly rods standing in my fishing room, I started to pear down the collection, sold most, gave a few away along with flies, reels, boxes, vests and packs until I am where I am now. My list....

00 Weight Sage TXL
4 Weight Sage TXL
8 Weight Redington Predator

And of course reels to match each.

A lot of us are gear "collectors". Ever find it more enjoyable to simplify and just fish? I certainly have!