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    ... to a recent thread started by Warren.


    Warren has been using these Nucanoes for years and has posted a number of favorable reviews. His thread has a link to the Nucanoe website.

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    As John has stated, I have been using a 10' NuCanoe for over 3 years and I feel they are great. The new Frontier 12 is one fantastic boat! They have taken all the suggestions for improvement from NuCanoe owners and put them in the Frontier 12 and made a great boat better. I have already committed to purchasing a Frontier 12 as soon as they are released for sale. The main thing you need to remember is that the NuCanoe is not a kayak and it is not a canoe. It is a cross of both of them. The NuCanoe will not turn over. It will lean over and dump you if you lose your balance, but, it will not turn completely over. You can fill it with water and still paddle it to shore. You can install swivel seats and you have more room and freedom of movement in it. The NuCanoe paddles as easily as a kayak but provides more you more room to move around in it. You are not confined to one sitting position. You can stand up in it if you prefer. You have more storage area in the NuCanoe. The NuCanoe is a fishing machine not a weekend run the rapids with your friends boat. Please watch all the videos on the link I am providing to see how stable this Frontier 12 is.

    I love my NuCanoe and use it for what it was created for and that is to fish out of it and be able to access areas on a river or lake that other boats cannot get to. Please view the following link:

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    I wish people would quit bringing this up!!

    If you guys don't knock it off it's going to cost me, cause I WANT ONE !!!! It's a great boat and I just purchased a new car that can handle a roof rack -> so now I can can carry one. I just know I don't have the patience to wait till the money is in the savings like I should!
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    Thank you looks like I may have to jump on one

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    I just wish Warren would quit being wishy-washy and make up his mind about how he really feels about NuCanoes. I just hope no one ever confronts him and make him choose between his NuCanoe and his wife. He will have to think about it long enough that he will be spending the next month sleeping up the street at Jack's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishin' chewy View Post

    It really depends on what kind of water you're going to be fishing. The NuCanoes are fantastic when it comes to stability, comfort and quality of build. Where I fish here in Indiana, I tend to either paddle up rivers and fish my way down, or float/fish down and paddle back up to the truck. The NuCanoe Frontier models are not the best kayak choice for paddling against current or even for paddling far for that matter. But for fly fishing on still water, they're great. If you're going to be fishing any moving water (rivers) or paddling far to get to your fishing spot (reservoirs, large lakes, etc) then you might want to check out the NuCanoe Pursuit or a few of the models by Jackson Kayak. My favorites for versatile fishing are the Jackson Coosa HD (not the standard Coosa) and the Jackson Kilroy. Love both of those models for my style of fishing. The best advice anyone can give you is to try and get in a few different model of kayaks and test paddle before buying.

    By the way, that link you shared is for Wildcat Creek Outfitters which happens to be my "home" fly fishing/kayak shop. I fish on their kayak fishing team and get all of my fly fishing and tying gear from them. Great guys and they've got a large selection of fishing kayaks in stock. You won't find a better crew to deal with.

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