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H.G. Tapply, I think

Looking in a copy of The Sportsman's Notebook and Tap's Tips, 4th Printing 1969 by H.G. Tapply (pgs 125-126), it seems that Mr. Tapply conspired with Harold Blaisdell (Vermont?) and Len Putnam of coastal New England to develop the Nearenuf dry fly.
Pattern: Hook - #16 and #14 mostly, with a few #12s for the Green Drake
Wings - woodduck flank tied split and upright
Hackle - mixed dark ginger and grizzly
Body - stripped peacock eye quill
Tail - two stripped grizzly hackles flared and tied extra long

One of my favorites is the Ausable Wulff, developed by Fran Betters of Wilmington N.Y. - along the west branch of the Ausable.

Best regards, Dave S.