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    Common Courtesy

    I've been trying to sell a fly reel for over 2 weeks now. About 45 minutes after I posted it for sale someone said they would buy it. I have received 2 promises of funds in the mail and so far nothing. I've only heard from the buyer once in the interim. If I don't receive the funds for the reel by the end of this week, (maybe sooner depending on my anger) I'll re post it for sale. I'm offering the reel for less than 1/3 of the retail value and I feel like I'm getting my chain yanked. For these reasons I'm suggesting some common courtesy steps in buying or selling something online. I know some of my suggestions are basic internet procedures, but I feel compelled to offer them anyway.
    1. When you offer something for sale, give all the particulars. PayPal, Money Order, Postal Money Order, Personal Check or whatever, including shipped or + shipping to.
    2. When you see an item you want to buy, use the words "I'll Take It." Be definite in your response rather than something like "That will look good in my quiver."
    3. When you get the "I'll Take It" send a PM (Private Message) right away with specific directions as to where to send the funds.
    4. If you say, "I'll Take It" send a PM right away to establish communications.
    5. Be prompt and accurate with you address.
    6. Send a PM right away when the funds are sent.
    7. Send a PM right away when the funds are received.
    8. Send a PM right away when the goods are sent. If you have a tracking number offer that also.
    9. Send a PM right away when the goods are received.
    10. There is nothing wrong with waiting 3 days to decide if the goods are indeed what you want. There is also nothing wrong with sending a PM right away if you know you will be happy with your new purchase.
    This last attempted sale and the sale before this one have really frustrated me with promises and statements that just didn't pan out. It shouldn't take more than 6 weeks to sell a rod and reel. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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