Pick up that Digital SLR camera and use it to do illustrated short stories. I love your writings as they come from the heart. You have a wonderful down to earth writing style that just pulls a person into the heart of the experience with you.

If typing is a problem then perhaps you should invest in a voice recognition program for the computer like Dragon Naturally Speaking;

I don't know if you read my recent post about a day on the water but until my own infirmities have limited my ability to fly fish I didn't realize how much of the natural beauty of being on the water I was missing. We get so intense about the act of fly fishing that we sometimes forget to just slow down, observe our surroundings and just plain really smell the roses.

Take the camera along when you and Neil go outdoors. You have been given the opportunity to see the places you love in a completely different light. Photograph it, write about it, share it with others. I would love to see you write a book!

Keep tying those flies too if you can.