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    Default 2000 Leagues Over the Road

    My apologies to Mr Verne....

    The what if's are over....the we should's are far behind us...the time is finally here for Jack Hise and me to get things packed in the camper and head out for our "trip of a lifetime".

    As I am typing this, Ole Jack is sitting across from me at my kitchen making the final adjustments to the route. Tomorrow, we pack the camper and the Explorer, make a grocery run for provisions, and try to get a good night's sleep.

    Gnorm is also prepared for the trip. His seat is firmly attached to the camper, his point is fully healed, and his brand new bamboo rod is packed and ready for him to do battle with the wiley trouts of the places we visit.

    Tuesday morning, the Odyssey begins with a run to Richland Center, Wisconsin to exercises the trout in the Drift less Area with Spinner1. Of course, we will be stopping in Marco's neck of the woods for a little nourishment before we make the final push to Richland Center.

    Jack and I will be adding to this post as time permits...hopefully each evening along with pictures from the days activities.

    Until the next post, take care and we may see you down the road.

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