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    Default NuCanoe owners & those interested in a NuCanoe....

    As most here know, I have owned a NuCanoe for 3+ years and really love it and promote it as much as I can because I am a very satisfied owner. They are also a Sponsor here. They have now come up with a new option that, to me, is the greatest thing since "sliced bread" and I just must share it. The NuCanoe is the greatest fishing craft I have ever used due to the ease of paddling, comfortable sitting postition with the optional swivel seat base and a very stable platform to fish from. The only "weak" point, in my opinion, was transporting it by yourself. Not because it is heavy, 60 to 70lbs depending on which model you look at, but, because the shape of it made it awkward to handle by yourself. Now, they have an optional cart that I feel eliminates all of this and makes a 2-person job a very easy 1-person job not only for transporting from your vehicle fully loaded but also for one person to load it onto the top of their vehicle without any strain! Plus you can have it with you on the water to use to portage around a log jam! This is just the greatest option and I have already contacted them to purchase one for my NuCanoe! Watch this video on the use of this cart and see how useful this option is:
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