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    WTB... I'm looking for a solid pair of waders-- used or new, breathable, and something that will last me a season or two. I'd like to stay with the Simms, Orvis or any other brand some of you guys might have as a good alternative. Suggestions are welcome, as I'm always open to new ideas and input...

    Size requirements? Well, I'm just over 6', weight about 225(depending on where I'm at with my cancer treatments.) So, I'm guessing XL's. I wear a size 11 boot.

    If you also have a pair of good wading boots--something without felt soles --I'd be interested as well. I'm open to suggestions here as well.

    If you have something that fills the bill, please drop me a PM(with photo or two, if possible), and I'll get right back to you.

    Many thanks, folks... Hairwing530
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