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Thread: Pair of Winstons

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    Default Pair of Winstons

    Here's a matched pair of Winston 804-4 rods. Both are built identical except for a slight difference in reel seats, one of a slide band and the other a screw/uplocker. Seats are REC's, blanks are Winstons, both have double foot guides. Wraps are black main wrap with Medium green (cp'ed) 4 turn trim bands finished with Threadmaster finish. Grips are small to fit the owners hand so they are only 6" long grips out of pretty good grade cork. Couple socks and aluminum tubes to go along with them and they are all set for the new season.


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    Very nice - what do you think of the spigot type ferrules? I think there are folks who are still "afraid" of them! The first rod I got with a spigot (1981?) was a graphite H.L. Leonard Diamondback, 8'6" for 6wt, 2-pc. The second rod (1984-85?) with the spigot type, was a Hardy De-Luxe Smuggler, 6wt, 7 piece, 8' 2 1/2". That was a lot of spigots! Weird at first - but haven't looked back! Strange, but I focus more on the # of pieces, than the type of ferrule. I prefer 2 piece rods. No particular reason, other than ease of take-down & assembly. Easier to line-up sections, and keep lined up! YMMV. This has never been a deal-breaker for me either.

    Best regards, Dave S.

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