I also think the White Wolf might refer to a specific pattern for the Wolf River. I've met the three tiers mentioned in the Wolf River Article and they had specific patterns for that river. Gary Borger wrote an article on those fly tiers but I can't recall where it was published. Both Cap Beutner and Eddie Haaga lived on the Wolf. Eddie took over tying after Cap could no longer tie. After Eddie passed, Bob Telasek bought Eddie's place. Bob was from Milwaukee if I remember correctly. The Wolf is one of Wisconsin's Wild Rivers, not having a dam on it until the lower reaches of the river.

An article on Ed Haaga's Adams Hairwing by Ross Mueller here:


John Nebel writes about the Wolf River Trio here:


The White Wolff could very well be a cream version of the Adams Hairwing tied with bleached blond deer or elk hair and cream hackle.