Have lived in VA for over 35 years, and have fly fished those mountain streams for more than 20 years. First, I will say that the best all around SNP rod is a 7' 3wt. Streams in the park vary greatly in size from the well known larger streams to the blue lines, and it's hard to build one rod to cover all situations up there.

Some of the 2wts that I have built and use up there are the 6' 6" 2wt PacBay Rainforest, 6'6" 2wt Batson RX-7, 6'6" 2wt Forecast, 6' 2wt Tiger Eye. Of those, the one that I would consider to be the best all around rod for up there would be the Forecast. The Forecast is faster than the Rainforest (which is really a strong 1 wt) and a little less powerful than the Rainshadow.

If it were me, and I was building one rod to fish the park with, I'd personally go with the 7' 3wt MHX.