Hi all. I recently got some new bottles of regular high build 50-50 flex coat. I mixed it on foil for about 4 minutes as I always have and coated my wraps. I let it rotate fro 3 hjours and checked it. Stopped the motor and it sagged almost immediately. Then I let it run over night, next morning the same thing. it was so bad, I was acutally able to remove pretty much all of it from teh rod by simply wiping it with a paper towel. So I did a pot test with some 2 year old flex coat and the new stuff. The old mix began to stiffen up as usuall after about 20 minutes, the new stuff did not. an hour later the old mix was stuck on, the new mix was still quite workable. I'm 99.9% positive my mix was dead on. Any ideas? Have they changed the formula in the past year?