I had the opportunity to test cast it twice at the SowBug roundup, it really excells at dealing with wind, especially dealing with a tailwind or headwind. I was easily able to cast up to 70 feet using a single haul(I still haven't mastered a double haul) with accuracy. I really like how it dealt with a tailwind, I would stop my backcast at about 12 oclock basically performing a steeple cast, something I could never perform in the past. It was also very good at punching a foward cast into the wind. Overall I found it to be a fascinating rod, just plain fun in the wind, I could also feel both sections of the rod load independantly which was suprising and fun. I came away thinking "I gotta get me one of these"

It was also fun having Ray, the proprietor of Global Dorber cast my bamboo rod I had just spent the week prior to SowBug building and having Ray tell me he liked it and thought I did a good job building it!

If you need a rod that allows you to cast at distances in windy conditions and struggle with the timing required for the superfast rods found these days, this is the rod for you.