Age: 70
Jobs: U.S.M.C. Vietnam era. Attended University of New Hampshire. Worked for N.H. Fish and Game after college. Moved to Florida in 1973, to attend University of Miami for graduate school. Never attended U of M; bought a house and started a family. Worked in import/export tropical fish for a couple of years before landing a job with Delta Air Lines. Move to Atlanta, GA to have more career opportunites with Delta Air Lines. Started as an aircraft cleaner, retired 27years later (Dec 2004) as a Director in the Maintenance division. Great company to work for. Started my own Aviation Safety Consulting company in 2005 and still do a bit of consulting with my Gulsfstream Aerospace. Recently moved from the Atlanta area to Lakeland, Florida which is located half way between Orlando and Tampa. I am now semi-retired, living on a beautiful 100 lake loving the sunny days.
Hobbies: Fly fishing (fishing of all kinds), fly tying, Woodworking, making custom ink pens, walking, reading about 60 books a year.
Gripes: All the negativity in the world with people demanding stuff that they never worked for or earned.
Homestead: Married 49 years (50 years in June, 2021) Three children all grown up and have their own families. Total of seven grandshildren
Hair Color; Mostly gone what's left is a mix a gray, white.