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    General contractor for many years, Almost retired and trying not to look like "that". Now interested in identifying NUT CASES obsessed with PRESIDENT TRUMP and possibly suggesting medication.
    Oh, and also HAPPILY married to my childhood sweetheart for 53 years. 3 successful children, daughter drug pusher for a major drug company, daughter pediatric nurse, son CEO of an investment firm. Five good lookin grandkids ( take after me of course ) One, HS Senior, recently named " Golfer of the year" by our local newspaper . All in all, no complaints. Currently in Florida soakin up the sun . Always looking forward to our fall Wyoming trip to injure some trout lips. I don't tie and don't know a caddis from a housefly BUT I fish where "you" can't or are too lazy to get to , carry my 44 or 10mm, and do REAL well. BUT, even if I get skunked, getting "skunked" in Wyoming is tolerable
    Oh, again, I'll be 77 in March and God has been good to me, all the above and I still would love to take a Dodge Hellcat for a 8500 RPM "stroll" down Route 66 in Nevada. Did that once in my 60 Chev 409 CI back a few. Cost me $77 in court costs but it did 133 MPH. I had to stop and wait for the police chasing me. Those were the days.............

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    THAT being said, I'd rather be in Wyoming.

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