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    My favorite material is danville 6/0, although I"ve been experimenting with coates and clarke all purpose thread because it's cheaper. Do folks have preferences? Is there another tying thread alternative?

    Also, I like natural colors and have been leaning toward a silver and tan mix. There is a thread below that asks about bright colors, what about naturals? I assume it's a mix between silver, light/steel blue and tan.

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    I have used both Danville and Uni 6/0 and even 8/0. The Uni seem abit easier to make the Shorb Loops than the Danville but that may just be me.

    I also prefer the bright colors but make leaders for several members here that prefer Tans & Olives. The Coats & Clarke thread is a little to limp for me but add a round of their Glow in the Dark thread to a leader and have fun. I've actually made them for some that like to night fish! No reports as to there usefullness yet.

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    Several of us on the U.K. board have been using the Gu(e)termann threads from Germany for the past few years. Unfortunately, their threads are not generally readily available locally, with the exception of their Sew All, which is equivalent to UNI 3/0. The flip side of this is that their U.S. distributor, Oshmann Brothers of New York, will sell directly to the consumer with a $25.00 minimum order.

    These threads are polyester, same as UNI, are available in something like 254 colors, and are available on 5,000 meter (5650 yard) spools at less than $15.00 per spool. They have a thread that is equivalent in it's technical specs to all of the standard flytying threads that most seem to use for furling. If $25.00 seems a bit much for an initial outlay for thread, or 5650 yards seems like way too much thread to have on hand, get with a fellow furler and split an order. That's what I did.

    I have been using their "TERA 180" (UNI 6/0) and "SKALA 360" (UNI 8/0) for over two years now and have been completely satisfied with it.

    To get an idea of the array of colors, their "Sew All" is available in all JoAnn's Fabrics And Crafts Stores.

    Hope this info helps some of you.

    aged sage

    PS: The parenthetical "e" replaces the umlaut (two dots) over the "U"; and which my keyboard won't accommodate!

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    Default My material of choice ...

    ... is Danville 210 Flymaster Plus. It makes a 6' 10-8-6 leader that works well with rod weights 3 to 5. The same leader will work with a 7 wt, but I just have to pay a little more attention to my casting stroke. This thread also does well bulked up to a 14-12-10 configuration for nymphing large weighted stonefly nymphs under an indicator with the 7 wt.

    My color of choice is light tan. I've furled leaders in other colors, but I seem to keep coming back to this one.

    For my Tenkara rods, I do like a bright orange ( high visibility ) leader, especially when using smaller flies. Helps pick up the fly on the water a bit quicker. The Danville 210 Flymaster Plus done in a finished length of 12' 6" has proven to be a very satisfactory Tenkara line / leader. That one is proportioned with a 2' tip section, a 2' mid section, and a butt / line section just over 8' long.

    The fish are always right.

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    Thanks to all for the tips. I am intrigued by the Gutermann threads. I'm curious whether their "Gutermann Tera 180 Overlocking Serger Thread" is the same as the "Gutermann Serger Thread" available at Joane's Fabric (online).

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    I like Coats & Clark embroidery thread...a polyester...and available at Jo Ann's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aged_sage View Post
    PS: The parenthetical "e" replaces the umlaut (two dots) over the "U"; and which my keyboard won't accommodate!
    There are lists of alt codes for those here and there on the internet (for example here). Press and hold alt while typing the numbers on the number pad to the right and you get the letter you want. Works on Windoze based systems. For instance, Gu(e)terman would then be G?terman.

    (OK, I've tried posting this three times and the forum software keeps changing the letter to a question mark, forget everything I just said)
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    For the most part I preferred furling with Danville's 3/0 waxed monocord (before they discontinued it) and then would soak them in liquid floatant (ie Loon's). Nowadays, though, I only use a clear mono sewing thread to make my furled leaders.


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    This is what I use


    It comes in huge spools, lots of diameters/strengths, and lots of colors. They also have poly threads.

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