Rhodes has a good reputation. I had a friend who went to then South Western College on the GI bill following WWII and had Prof. Rhodes as an instructor. Joe retired from the FBI (he was Special Agent in Charge of the investigation in Memphis, when MLK was killed) and went to work for Holiday Corporation. He and his wife were very generous in their donations to SW until they changed the name to Rhodes. Joe so dislike Prof. Rhodes he quit contributing to the school at all and upped his contribution to Memphis State. My son had a high school friend who went to school there, now a lawyer back in Tupelo, and played football. We went to a Rhodes-Millsaps game, all the fans on one side of the field, no half time show and after the game the players helped take the equipment back to the locker room. Although I love SEC football, I really liked the lack of prima donna atmosphere with the players and the entire atmosphere.