Short honest answer, by doing some homework.

Longer, still honest answer. By putting a reel and line on it, casting and loading the rod with as much line in the air as the rod will carry, briskly double hauling and if it doesn't fly apart and you like how heavy it feels in your hand, then it's prolly worth it.

There are so many of these out there they can be had pretty cheap but a lot of times they're pretty ratty. I got a HI for $10 at a yard sale once. Have yet to restore it because later i found a higher quality cane rod in need of work for $60 and i haven't restored that yet either. Since the question was about 'worth', i won't weigh in on what i think of that model HI fly rod. Everyone's mileage will vary.



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My question is how does a person know whether or not this boo is worth buying?